IT & Support

JBC Managed IT & Support


Our Managed IT & Support services are designed to provide you with a peace of mind, knowing our team is proactively monitoring your network 24/7/365. We provide monitoring, management and maintenance of you IT infrastructure and various end user devises. Our goal is to keep you focused on the business of conducting business, empowered by the knowledge that our highly skilled and certified staff is maintaining peak performance of you technology systems.

Helpdesk Support

Our helpdesk is intended to provide you or the end user with information and support related to our products and services. We provide you with various channels of contact including by phone, email, and messaging.

Network Monitoring Support

Our system that constantly monitors your computer network for slow or failing components and notifies the network administrator in case of outages or other network trouble.

Security & Backup Solutions

Our security provides protection of data from unauthorized access, use, change, disclosure and destruction and includes network security, physical security, and file security. Concurrently our storage & backup services provide data storage holding your data files in our secure location that you can readily and easily access.

Internet & Phone Solutions

We provide you with a number of internet and phone solutions for your business requirements. We offer 24/7/365 support services to fit every need, and keep your business functioning and productive.

Service Details

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Tailored Service Plans
  • Onsite Support & Ticket Escalation
  • Customized Helpdesk Portal
  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings
  • Customized Monthly Reports
  • Enterprise Grade Backup Solutions
  • VoIP Services & Training
  • Complementary ISP Surveys

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