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In the Past, Businesses needed to purchase and maintain their entire IT infrastructure on-site, creating significant capital and operational costs that strained budgets and computing capabilities. At Johnson Block & Company Business Technologies, our clients work from anywhere by having a central point of data, shifting the workload from local hardware to a cloud computing system. Whether you are new to could computing or the architect of your own virtual infrastructure, our could services are designed to provide you with reliable solutions that will eliminate physical hardware upgrades, reduce your it operating costs, and simplify server management.

Cloud Hosting

Outsourcing your computing and storage resources to a service provider that offer its infrastructure service in an easy to use utility model.

Office 365 Management

JBC offers Office 365 management as a means to support your business through creating, managing, and authenticating users. Along with our service we also provide information needed to use Office 365 to perform administrative tasks, and to perform day-to-day tasks.

Secure File Sharing

Our Secure File Sharing is a protected method of transferring data between approved users in your business. Whether you are sending one file or a group of files, secure file sharing uses encryption and restricted authorization to help ensure data security and privacy in all facets of your day to day operations.

Remote Desktop Infrastructure

Our Remote Desktop Infrastructure allow a user, within your network, to take control of a remote computer or virtual machine over the network connection. This allows for a streamline process when securing data, or even backing systems up to the cloud.

Moving existing infrastructure to the cloud?

Certified staff in cloud migration services will help you establish the scope and business case and then work with your team to minimize downtime and plan for upgrades.

Service Details

  • Private Hosted Cloud
  • Cloud Backup
  • Remote Desktop Infrastructure Solutions
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Encrypted Email

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